Here are just some of our many accolades, award nominations & awards

December 2019 - Dick Whittington

Best Pantomime                                                                           -                Whole Cast
Best Original/Adapted Script                                                    -                Roy Hartley & Nicci Henshaw
Best Choreographer                                                                     -                Sarah Henshaw
Best Female Youth in an Adult Proudction                            -                Poppie Saunders as Katniss
Best Female Actor in a Lead Role - Pantomime                    -                Sarah Henshaw
Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role - Pantomime             -               David Johnson as Stupid
Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role - Pantomime        -                Patricia Howard as the Fairy
Best Entertaining Comedy - Pantomime                                -                Joseph Ramsay and Emily Farrington as Cheap and Nasty
Best Director of a Pantomime                                                   -                Nicci Henshaw, Linda Hansen & Roy Hartley

July 2019 - Alice in Wonderland Jr

This was an amazing production performed by our Youth Group.  The talent is top class and we are hoping for a number of awards from this production.  Well done to all involved.

Best Leading Female in a Youth Production                    -            Jessica Keggin as Small Alice
Best Male Comedy in a Youth Production                        -            Joseph Ramsay and Tommy Austin  as Tweedle Dum and Dee
Best Female Comedy in a Youth Production                    -            Emily Farrington as White Rabbit
Best Female Entertaining Youth Performance                -            Poppie Saunders as the Caterpillar
Best Musical Director of a Youth Musical                        -            Wayne Oakes
Best Choreographer of a Youth Musical                           -            Sarah Henshaw
Best Youth Ensemble                                                            -            Whole Cast
Best Youth Chorus Performance                                        -            Whole Cast
Best Youth Production                                                         -            Whole Cast

May 2019 - From Bootle to Benidorm

Best Comedy in an Adult Performance            -    Linda Hansen as GiGi
Best Original/Adapted Script Performance 

December 2018

What a massive success we had with our Award Winning Pantomime Cinderella.  With 5 nominations and 2 Awards this just shows what it is like to be part of an amazing family theatre group.  

Best Youth in an adult Pantomime - Tommy Highton (Dandini)
Best Male in Adult Pantomime - Callum Ashton (Evil Step-mother)
Best Comedy Duo - David Wanless - Alex Edgar
Best Youth Female in an Adult Pantomime - Aimee Parry (Cinderella)
Best Choreographer - Sarah Henshaw

July 2018

Ian Dunning received a NODA Nomination for best comedy in the second production of YOURS - A Tale of the Bootle Blitz which was brought back due to popular demand. Well done for this Ian as the show would not normally have been up for nominations a second time around so it shows just how amazing you were.

July 2017

Well done to everyone who took part in the production of YOURS - A Tale of the Bootle Blitz.  This was performed at another new venue, Merchant Taylors' Boys' School and it received raving reviews.  We received 7 NODA Nominations and Won Best Ensemble in the 2018 NODA District 6 Awards in February 2018.

Please see the NODA review below and other feedback:- 

"Waterloo and Crosby Musical Theatre Company’s latest very interesting and educational production was a musical drama called "Yours, a tale of the Bootle Blitz” written by playwright David E Davies and is set during World War II in Bootle Liverpool. This was the first time this play had been performed on stage and it looks at life during this historic conflict as well as the story of the horrific bombing of Bootle, which apparently sustained the second highest civilian loss of life outside of London. The play also highlights the effects of the war on families, the local community and shows how life and plans can change in the blink of an eye. I personally knew that Liverpool had been bombed during the war but I was not aware of the severity and the consequences of this terrible life changing episode for its population.

There was a talented very experienced production team  which included Director Pamela Foy, Musical Director Ian Dunning and Choreographer Claudia Molyneux, who had at their disposal a large cast made up of different age groups playing interesting characters who were representative of those people who could be seen and found in Liverpool during this period in history. 

 The story centres on the lives of the Maguire family and principally the eldest daughter Shirley Maguire and her fiancé Paul Rimmer, we see the devastating effects the war has on their relationship, future plans and the family as a whole. The role of Shirley was excellently played by Alexandra Edgar who also had a very good singing voice, her fiancé Paul was also very well played by Luke Saunders, both actors complimented each other nicely making a very believable central couple. Luke also played two of the small cameo roles, American GI, Glen and Capitaine Louis. Jenna Watkins produced a lovely sympathetic characterisation in her role as Mary McGuire Shirley’s mother and she also sang beautifully, her husband and Shirley’s father Mick Maguire was strongly played with understanding by Alex Sinclair, who complemented Jenna nicely, making a very believable married couple of the era. Four talented young actors gave lovely performances as the two younger children, Oscar Sansbury was Jamie McGuire and Jessica Keggin was Jane Maguire in the first act with Euan Parkes and Nikita Madden playing their older selves in the second act. Other well played important roles included Steve Little as Harry Rimmer, Paul’s father, Ian Dunning as a very smart Sergeant Major,Claudia Molyneux as Doris, Lindsay Lyth as Carol,Sarah Henshaw as Maureen and a comedic Carolyn McAdam as Bridget. We were  also entertained by  two very famous names from the period namely, Vera Lynn ( Laura Ratcliffe) and Rob Wilton (Roy Hartley). There were also several small well played cameo roles who along with the ensemble which was made up of a mixture of age groups, supported the principal cast excellently, performing the songs and effective relevant choreography by Claudia Molyneux very well.

Diction, projection and clarity of words was very good which meant the audience could follow this important story easily. The  music score included lots of well-known songs from the period which were accompanied expertly on the piano by pianist Brian Tubbs with Chris Ellis on the drums and conducted by Musical Director Ian Dunning.

Everyone in the cast appeared to be enjoying the experience and all sang the memorable songs with gusto and lots of feeling.
The set was very minimalistic but scenes were set using different areas of the stage with excellent use of furniture and first class appropriate props from the period. There was very efficient use of the stage area which meant there was smooth and quick transition between scenes which keep the pace of the production just right. The production was complemented by excellent technical input which included lighting, sound, sound effects, radio archive material, sourced by Steve Little of Maghull Radio, and also the showing on screen of lots of thought provoking photographs taken in Liverpool specifically Bootle during the war. Costumes fitted the era and the production very well, it was obvious that a great deal of thought and hard work had gone into getting them just right. Well done to  the Stage Manager Colin Wilson and all the back stage crew.

This was a very interesting and sometimes poignant production which centred on a period of history which should not be forgotten. Talking to various members of the audience it was clear that this play brought back memories for some and reminders of stories told by relatives from the local community who lived through this conflict.

Congratulations to Pamela Foy and to all involved in bringing this interesting thought provoking production to the stage. Thank you for a very entertaining evening we had a lovely time."

January 2015

Congratulations to our Youth Group for their nominations for Bugsy Malone as follows:-

Best Lead Actress Youth Musical - Sarah Henshaw (Tallulah)

Best Lead Actor Youth Musical - Alex Burke - (Bugsy)

Best Supporting Female Youth Musical - Ebony DeGeir (Blousy)

Best Supporting Male Youth Musical - Lucas Frost - (Fat Sam)

January 2014

Congratulations to our NODA District 6 nominations, which took place on Saturday 11th January. We can be very proud of having so many nominations and the great news is that we won two of the categories: Best Pantomime and Best leading actor in a pantomime. Well done to all!

Our full list of nominations is as follows:

Best lead actress (Musical) - Alex Appleton (Nancy)
Best supporting actor (Musical) - Jamie Lester (Fagin)
Best supporting actor (Musical) - Leo Appleton (Bill Sykes)
Best youth performance in an adult musical - Brian Comer (Artful Dodger)
Best youth performance in an adult musical - Lucas Frost (Artful Dodger)
Best lead female (Pantomine) - Lisa DeGeir-Mawdsley (Robin Hood)
Best lead male (Pantomime) - Leo Appleton (Dame Trot) WINNER
Best comedy act (Pantomime) - Linda Hansen & Emerald Hickey (Smash & Grab)
Best pantomime (Babes in the Wood) WINNER
Best overall production (Babes in the Wood)

November 2013

Congratulations to WCTC for the NODA nominatons that we have received for some of our performances in Oliver! The NODA District 6 awards take place on January 11th and the following members have been nominated:

Best Actress in a Musical - Alex Appleton (Nancy)

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - Jamie Lester (Fagin)

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical - Leo Appleton (Bill Sykes)

April 2013

Congratulations to the Waterloo and Crosby Theatre company Youth Group on winning the 2013 Leverhulme Youth Drama Festival. Below is a review of the winning performance written by Jenny Robson from the Southport Champion, and a photo taken of some of the youth group members:

Waterloo and Crosby Theatre Company Youth Group wins top award

The Waterloo and Crosby Theatre Company Youth Group have made headlines and excelled themselves by taking the top award for Best Play at the recent Leverhulme Youth Drama Festival with their version of Bradley No Mates by Linda Stephenson – a powerful, hard-hitting drama about schoolyard bullying.

This was their first time of entering. They beat off stiff competition from seven other drama companies from Wirral and North Wales and may now be eligible to enter the national final in July.

Said Leo Appleton, Director, “The children were fantastic.  They were all commended on their acting, projection and stage awareness.  The adjudicator also praised the overall artistic direction and described it as visionary with particular attention to the mimimalistic set, use of the children to make shapes and the sound and lighting effects, all of which really came to life in the Gladstone Theatre.”

Alex Burke played Bradley and was runner-up in the Best Actor category.  Eboni De Geir Mawdsley who played Paige (Bradley’s friend) was runner-up in the Best Actress category.  Also nominated in these two categories were Lucas Frost and Anna McKenna who played bullies – Seth and Lou.

Lucas has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Youth Musical (playing Aslan) and Leo has been nominated for Best Director of a Youth Musical in their 2012 production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the NODA North West Awards in Blackpool on 4 May.  This is alongside nominations for Poppy Hart (Best Lead Actress in a Youth Musical (playing Lucy) and Charles Moss (Best Musical Director).




February 2013


NODA nominations

Congratulations to WCTC for five nominations at the forthcoming NODA Awards which take place in Blackpool on the 4th/5thMay.

Tony O’Keefe – Best actor in a drama (Gilbert Bodley in ‘Not Now Darling’)

Leo Appleton – Best artistic direction of a youth show (‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’)

Charles Moss – Best musical director of a youth show (‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’)

Poppy Hart – Best actress in a youth show (Lucy in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’)

Lucas Frost – Best supporting actor in a youth show (Aslan in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’)

We wish all our NODA nominees the best of luck in Blackpool in May.