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Bradley No Mates / The Show Must Go On

From:    Jenny Robson

Review: Bradley No Mates/The Show Must Go On

The Waterloo and Crosby Theatre Company Youth Group

United Reformed Church, Blundellsands

Reviewed on Saturday 6 April 2013


This multi-talented company presented two very different pieces of theatre at its third annual Youth Production last Saturday.


The first – Bradley No Mates by Linda Stephenson – was a powerful, hard-hitting drama about bullying showing Bradley having trouble fitting in at his new school.  Bully-girl Lou and her mates made his life miserable at every opportunity, stamping on his lunch, sending horrible texts and ridiculing him.


Upon discovering his ability to slip into a past dimension Bradley realised that he should do something to protect himself.  He was told, “Don’t let them push you around and they’ll back off.” And so it was.


This stimulating play has been entered into the Leverhulme Youth Drama Festival on 13 April.  I wish them all well.


On a lighter note The Show Must Go On was their second production; a jukebox musical (with keyboard accompaniment by Ann Dickinson) written by Leo and Alex Appleton who also happen to be the talented couple responsible for the expert direction and choreography.


Opening with a rousing rendition of Razzle Dazzle East Waterloo High School were planning a variety show.  Here there was opportunity for everyone to revel as the children showed their prowess in song, dance (modern, ballet and tap), acrobatics, poetry and as instrumentalists.


Both Leo and Alex have the gift of bringing out the best in everyone, presenting them with challenges to which they can rise, enabling them to fulfil their potential.

This showed in the end result as everyone clearly enjoyed their numerous roles.


Both the play and the musical showed massive maturity.  There were times when I had to keep reminding myself just how young some of the cast were.  Without doubt this company is a tour de force.


One rousing song featured was Let Me Entertain You ... and, believe me, they did!


Score: 9/10 – Outstanding!