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'Snow White'
@ Starry Nights Theatre, Litherland High School, Litherland, Sterrix Lane, L21 0DB
4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th & 13th December 2015 at 7:30pm
additional performances at 2:30 pm on Saturday shows

Director - Elspeth Fisher
Choreographer - Laura Ratcliffe

A couple of reviews from customers:

"Hi I took my 2 grandsons to see snow white today and they loved it, thank you! I loved it too by the way, fabulous performance and talented people. Do you have a mailing list for future productions?..."

"It was fab! Look forward to the next one!"

"Took kids to see this lovely pantomine yesterday - kids loved it, but my favourite character had to be Viletta, snow whites evil step mother - 'Matt Martin' played a very convincing villain :-) & the kids loved Dolly Dimples ha ha. I would definitely recommend going to see this wonderful show..."

"Show was fab!! Excellent value for money"


13 December 2015

 Litherland High School

Type of Production

Producer / Director
Elspeth Fisher

Musical Director
Ann Dickinson

Laura Ratcliffe assisted by Caitlin Harwood

Author: Patricia Connor

Waterloo and Crosby Theater Company’s 34th pantomime was the ever popular story of Snow White. The show was both written and directed by Elspeth Fisher, and we were entertained by all the usual characters that we have come to know and love in this story.

With good sound, lighting, excellent scenery, colourful well thought out costumes and a talented cast this was an enjoyable afternoons entertainment. The show opened with Fairy Senior (Hellen Nathan) and her trainee assistant Fairy Junior (Erin Bretherton) telling us some of the background to the story of Snow White. They both had a good rapport with the audience. worked well together and made a gentle comedy double act. There was a good performance from Sarah Henshaw in the central role of Snow White and Matthew Swinnerton as Prince Louis of Litherland complimented her very well making a nice central pantomime couple.  I must admit that I was a little worried when I read in the program that Dame Dolly Dimples was to be played by a woman but my fears were unfounded as Linda Hansen gave an excellent comedic performance in this role, her characterization and comedy timing were spot on and she was more than ably assisted in her comedy exploits by David Johnson as her son Simple Simon. Snow White's father Duke Sidney of Seaforth was played by Robin Leyland and his Fiancé the white faced evil Viletta was played with a subtle maliciousness by Matt Martin, there were plenty of boos for this character. Joseph Coyne was comedic as well as being sympathetic as Hugo the Huntsman Viletta’s henchman who could not carry out her orders to kill Snow White and Caitlin Harwood was the gentle magic mirror a maiden who had been trapped in the mirror some years previously.  Instead of the usual dwarfs we had some very entertaining Gnetherton Gnomes who were played by some very talented young performers who produced seven very different characters which were Boss (Amy Sumner). Brains (Euan Parkes), Chavvy (Daniel Hill), Narky (John Grindle), Quentin (Adam Cusack) Tiny (David Coyne) and Vanity (Emily Loughead).  The enthusiastic chorus worked hard and appeared to be enjoying themselves immensely. Diction and clarity of words was generally satisfactory however maybe some of the cast could have projected a little more at times. There was both good live music led by Musical Director Ann Dickinson and backing tracks, although it was a little hard to hear the singing when backing tracks were used, however this did not detract from the audience’s enjoyment of the show. Choreography by Laura Ratcliffe assisted by Caitlin Harwood was very suitable and was executed very well by the cast.

The success of a pantomime can be measured by the reaction of the audience and there was no shortage of audience participation at this performance. Well done to Director Elspeth Fisher and to all involved in this production, thank you for an enjoyable afternoons entertainment. I look forward to seeing you for your next production.