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The Addams Family

NODA review

The Addams Family
Director Pamela Foy
Musical Director Wayne Oakes
Choreography by Karen Parkinson

“The Addams Family” is a tongue in cheek very funny show, it has music and lyrics written by Andrew Lippa from a book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, and I have to say I really enjoyed this very entertaining production from Waterloo and Crosby Theatre Company very much. Director Pamela Foy had gathered together a very strong cast who more than ably brought to the stage those iconic characters we know from the television and films of the past.

The talented cast included Brian Tubb as Gomez Addams the patriarch and head of the family who performed the difficult musical numbers amusingly and was complemented very well by Lisa DeGeir with her enjoyable interpretation of his wife Morticia, they both made very good stable central characters at the heart of the action. Erin Bretherton as their daughter Wednesday produced a good strong characterisation and Alex Burke as her brother Pugsley who liked to be tortured was a joy to watch especially during his solo as he acted the song superbly as well as singing it. David Johnson as Uncle Fester hit the nail on the head with this character, he was comedic and had a good rapport with the audience which is very important in this part and Linda Hansen produced a good strong comedy performance as the oddball Grandma. I must congratulate young Euan Parks who stepped in to play the part of Lucas Beineke for the last two days of the run, if I hadn't been informed of this turn of events I would have thought he had been rehearsing for months, he appeared word perfect and did a very good job playing a character a little older than him with maturity. David Davies as Mel Beineke and Joan McGuigan Ashcroft as Alice Beineke, Lucas's bewildered parents jelled well together producing, some very nice comedy and were very believable as a couple. Last but not least we have Alex Sinclair as Lurch who was suitably stoic and slow moving making the audience laugh by just opening the door. The chorus of Ancestors supported the principle cast well and produced some good singing and interesting characters of their own. The pace of the show was just right and generally diction, clarity of words and American accents were excellent. Comic timing was mostly spot on which is very important to the success of this musical.

The Band was situated at the side of the performance area which could have resulted in them overwhelming the performers, however I am glad to say this did not happen. Conducted by Musical Director Wayne Oaks the Band played very well, supporting the cast excellently. Choreography by Karen Parkinson was suitable for the show and venue and was executed well by the cast especially the Tango which featured Gomez and Morticia.
The set was more than suitable which along with good sound, lighting, very nice back projections and some excellent costumes and makeup helped to create the right atmosphere for this production and made a good platform for the cast to work on, well done to all the backstage crew.

Congratulations to Director Pamela Foy and all involved in bringing this good entertaining production to the stage. Thank you for inviting me I had a very enjoyable evening’s entertainment, hope to see you for your next production.

Patricia Connor
District 6