The Waterloo and Crosby Theatre Company is an amateur company based in Crosby/Liverpool. We aim to produce excellent theatrical productions including plays, musicals and concerts and perform at least one of these annually at various locations around the Sefton area. In addition we produce an annual family pantomime every Christmas. All productions are open to all members to take part in and prove to be a lot of fun and very rewarding.


It is with regret that the committee has decided to cancel the Halloween Party. Many thanks to those of you who have already bought tickets. Your money will be refunded in full. However, this type of event must be supported by a minimum number of people if we are to cover the basic costs, and on this occasion, ticket sales have been so low that the party cannot go ahead. Naturally, the committee are very upset at this turn of events, as we had... planned the party to do some major fund raising for our musical production in the summer - 'The Addams Family'.

I will not mince my words - if you are a company member, along with the fun of performing, you should be prepared to support in other ways. This includes selling tickets for performances you are not actually in, supporting social events (like the Halloween party, and quizzes), and helping in other ways 'behind the scenes'. Perhaps you might think about this. Maybe you may like to join us on committee and work your magic! Enough said



Due to unforeseen circumstances, the rehearsal schedule for week beginning 27th October has

had to be changed.  The new arrangements are:

Mon 27 Oct

St Lukes

8.00 Run “Happy” & Set “Castle”

9.00 Dialogue

SS,Chorus & Dancers

B, Ch, FI, Fo, G, H, J, K, M, N, R, S, T

Wed 29 Oct


Set “This Ole House & Review all songs/dances


Sun 2 Nov

Eshe Road




Don't forget to check the key below for who's who!

Here is the key to what all those letters mean, for future reference:

B = Bumpsadaisy,  C = Buttercup,  Ch = Chuck,  Fi = Flip,  Fo = Flop,  G = Goldie,  H = Hans,  

J = Jack,  K = King,  L = Lavinia,  M =Mary,  N = Nees,  P = Princess Melody,  R = Rancid,

S = Silly Billy,  T = Tilly, 

AC = Adult Chorus,  CC = Children's Chorus (not including SS),  D = Dancers,  SS = Smiley Sprites,  

SSAC = Smiley Sprites as Chorus.   Hope that helps! 


Rehearsals are well underway on Thursdays from 8pm at Brompton Avenue.  This week we plan to announce

soloists/duettists etc., and make a start on their songs.  Keep a lookout for suitable readings.  Auditions for these will

take place in early November.